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Resolution No. 026-22 — Change of Name

WHEREAS, The Stockbridge-Munsee Community is a federally recognized Indian tribe with inherent sovereign powers and is governed by the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council pursuant to the 1937 Constitution, as amended;

WHEREAS, The Stockbridge-Munsee Community has the authority under its Constitution and its inherent rights as a sovereign nation to adopt and amend Ordinances;

WHEREAS, The Tribal Council adopted a Change of Name Ordinance in 1999 as Chapter 60;

WHEREAS, This Change of Name Ordinance was initially designated as TCT.06, but the new Healing to Wellness Court Ordinance was also designated and adopted as TCT.06;

WHEREAS, The Tribal Council wishes to redesignate the Change of Name Ordinance to be TCT.07.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council hereby approves the renumbering of the Change of Name Ordinance as TCT.07.


I, the undersigned, as Secretary of the Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council, hereby certify that the Council is composed of 7 members, of whom 7, constituting a quorum, were present at a meeting duly called, noticed, and held on the 16th day of February, 2022, that the foregoing resolution was duly adopted at such meeting by a vote of 6 for, 0 against, and 0 abstaining.

_______________________ ________________________

Shannon Holsey, President Jody Hartwig, Secretary

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  • Stockbridge-Munsee Tribal Council Res. No. 026-22 (PDF)
  • BIA Approval for Res. No. 026-22 (PDF)


February 16, 2022


February 16, 2022